The person who made this page is a very unique snowflake who probably believes in the same god also believed to exist by the majority of people who profess a belief in some sort of god. They demonstrate this uniqueness by putting reference numbers in pages, but not actually adding in the reference material. How random! They also demonstrate no competency when it comes to wiki formatting.

All snowflakes appear unique up close, but during the middle of a blizzard of snowflakes, each "individual" and "unique" snowflake looks exactly the same. Bland, meaningless white noise; that's all this page was.

Instead, here is a good recipe for a sandwich:

First, take two slices of bread. It is preferable to use wheat bread, but you can use white bread if you are a Neo-Nazi. Now, take a third slice of bread. Squish it, and place it in between the two slices of bread. Now eat. That bland and unsatisfying feeling in your mouth is the taste equivalent of what reading this article used to be like.

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