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Team FORt 2 is a gaem. It is very good but I don't liek the chargin targe.

teh classesEdit

der's nien classes: 1. scoot: hes a fastman. Hehas forceanature and it is noob wepon. 2.solider: he is an hero. eh uses rawket lawnchair and doesn't afraid of anything. 3.pyro, I mean aero: he waz gud but now he haz leafblower. 4.demomen: he uses explozives and haz bad unlocks. 5. Heavy wepons gai: He uses minigun anmd he's op. 6. Vagineer: He builds stuff and makes stalemates. 7. Doctor: he heals stuff and no one plays him 8. Snyphurr: he is a coward and hides in the back lines 9. SPAH: he is disguising then cloking then he stabs you,.



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